Hana Tajima Simpson, To Islam

Islam. Before she say two sentences confession of faith (Syahadat/Shahada), Hana Read more about it is a Christian. She grew up in rural areas on the outskirts of Devon is located in southwest England. Both parents not include a religious person, but they really appreciate the difference. At her residence that no one citizen who converted to Islam/Muslim. Its contiguity with Muslim occurs when Hana Read more about it went school to college. “I’m friends with some Muslims while in college,” she said.

In view of Hana Read more about it, it was her friends who are Muslims look different. “They seem to keep a distance with a particular student. They also refused when asked to go to a party tonight at a club,” said Hana. For Hana, it’s actually very interesting. Moreover, her friends are Muslims considered to be very pleasant when consulted to discuss the course material. According to her, Muslim students spent more time reading in the library, or discussion.

Of Muslim friends that, slowly Hana got interested in philosophy, especially philosophy of Islam. Since then also, Hana began studying Islamic philosophy from the source, namely the newspaper. In the newspaper she had studied, she found the fact that apparently the Muslim holy book is more in line with current conditions. “In it I found various references on issues of women’s rights. The more I read, the more I find my self agreeing with the ideas written on the back and I can see why the life of their Islamic (Muslim friends-Red),” she said.

A sense of admiration to the teachings contained in the Al Quran in the end makes Hana decided to embrace Islam. Without encountering resistance, she was thank creed with only witnessed by her Muslimah friends. “The most difficult moment was telling my family, even though I knew they would be happy as long as I also feel happy.”


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