Starting From Frustration, Hana Tajima Creative Produces New Veil


Muslim fashion designing is not just born in Hana Tajima Simpson. All this began ever since he converted to Islam Read more about it when she was just 17 years. “As a designer, I initially felt frustrated to see the style of dress most of the Muslim women who are less variable”, she said in an interview with HijabScraft. H Tajima saw the actual Muslim women can appear in public dressed in a fashionable styleand chic, and follow the latest fashion trends. H Tajima also begin to move to Muslim clothing style design complete with scarf which is different from that already exist at the time.

To popularize the her style dress, H Tajima network utilizing the Internet to create a personal web page that is named Just then, Hannah has not had time togive a label to the product he had designed it. Not unexpectedly, the

style of dress that is displayed in its web pages that attract the interest of Muslim blogger in England. Starting from there, Hana then decided to establish ‘Maysaa’, a fashion design houses and fashion inspired by the West but still tailored to the principles of Islam Read more about it.

Although ‘Maysaa’ aimed at Muslim women, but Hannah did not dismiss the results of this design can also be worn by the non Muslim women. “I can not say that I made clothes for Muslim women only or for non Muslim woman, because my life is basically also a mixture of both. Therefore, I like to make a design from a very personal perspective”, said women who have started designing since the age of five years. Read more about it.html (accessed on October 25, 2011)

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