Walking Or Biking To School, Can Improve The Concentration

walk to school for concentration

Concentration. In the countryside, children who walk or bike to school Read more about it very much encountered. But in urban areas, the landscape is rarely to be found. In fact, studies have found that walking or biking to school Read more about it to sharpen the concentration of students in the class.

Research from Denmark found that students who escorted ride vehicles or use public transportation to go to school Read more about it more trouble concentrating than students who walk or bike to school. In this study, a total of 19 527 students aged 5-19 years were asked about diet and exercise habits.


“Exercise is done while commuting to school by walking or cycling is reflected in the level of concentration remained about 4 hours later,” said the researcher, Niels Egelund as reported by Medical Daily, Wednesday (11/28/2012). Initially, the researchers intend to test the influence of breakfast with a concentration in school. It turns discover that breakfast and lunch indeed affect student concentration, but exercise greater influence.

Egelund added that the ability of the Grade 3 students who bike to school as well as older students and a half years. The effect is to make the feeling of being more fit, but the researchers were surprised because the effects can last for so long. Another study conducted in Australia found that children who are active tend to be slimmer and healthier than children who are not active. Therefore, the researchers encourage children to be more diligent in exercising than eating limiting intake.

Previous research has also found that children who do a lot of physical activity were more likely to be happy than children who spent more time sitting.


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