5 Tips To Guarantee Results in the Gym

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today we are going to talk about five different things that a lot of people do in the gym that can be avoided to improve your workout.

1: Have a plan
so number one thing that a lot of people do in the gym is just wandering around the gym aimlessly my drawing time is due to not having a structure in place so if someone’s jumping from machine to machine to machine for different body parts the chances are they don’t really have a plan in mind so it’s important to have a plan structured so we can follow that plan and execute our workout before you step in the gym after isolation make sure you have a plan and start executing that plan and always utilize what you need to focus on a very specific thing that you’re trying to do so it’s important we can establish this early on to our workouts so we can start progressing pretty quickly.

2: Nutrition
so number two on the list is outside the gym so a lot of people fail to execute their diet so diet is probably the fundamental and most important thing when it comes to training especially for recovery and growing and ensuring that we reach our goals so based on your goals you should have uh two options so if you’re trying to cut you should be in a deficit if you’re trying to grow you should be in a surprise so get more food to gain mass but again your diet could be very different to the next person or majority of the time it should be if it’s tailored to you in order to give you the best results that you’re looking for so when it comes to dieting keep it very simple keep it very straightforward I like it this is something that I preach about all the time so it can be very simple so for cutting make sure when the deficit and make sure the food that we’re ingesting diet nutrition is very simple when it comes to bulking.

3: Your goal
number three like I spoke about with number one so having a structure in place following your plan based on your goal you should have a plan again breaking down each exercise sets reps even duration how long are you going to be in the gym but that’s just as important so if we’re doing barbell four sets eight to twelve reps perfect if you want to take a step further implement some drop sets in the absolute killer and of course if you’re doing more endurance space if you work out high-intensity interval training one of you you know focusing on short vessel maximum exertion for 40 to a minute depending on what the exercise so that varies so guys heavy structure in place, follow that plan so don’t be the guy that’s walking around the gym aimlessly looking for something to do.

4: Keep it simple
number four is probably one thing that a lot of people really fail to understand so stick to the basics it’s kind of crazy it’s always the simplest and not necessarily the easiest but the simplest things that work the best there’s a good reason why you know these fundamental exercises are there and what we should focus on them so if you’re more of a bodybuilder trying to gain mass deadlifts bench press and squats are your fundamental exercises which you should have somewhere in your plan it’s not mandatory but it’s you know it will benefit you and increase the rate of progression yeah avoid doing crazy exercises on crazy machines just simplify it you know there’s no reason why you should be doing intricate exercises first one to two years of training because you need to grasp the fundamental exercises first so all these intricate exercises stay away from those yeah until when you get more once you’ve gained more experience and you’re starting to refine your workouts so don’t complicate things keep it simple

5: Progressive overload
so number five one tool that I recommend you guys implement is progressive overload our bodies are a machine a very smart machine so over a period of time they’re gonna learn to adapt during that process we need to make things harder for ourselves in order to keep seeing progress so you know to start implementing progressive overload as a principle by adding maybe a 2.5 or five-kilogram weight every two weeks or three weeks or every month depending on your uh rate of progression hit training again make things out of yourself increase the time is one way of doing it the duration of the exercise which you’re doing so again we can exert ourselves our body to that maximum limit and push the threshold so we can grow and see more progress.