Best Compact Cameras for Travel

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We will be taking a look at the best compact cameras for travel you can buy this year

1: Canon Powershot g5 X Mark II
The canon Powershot g5x mark ii is a pocket friendly compact camera similar to the sony rx100 if you like the rx100 m3 for its fast lens but you want a longer zoom then this canon is worth considering handling experience is top the camera feels solid and it is well built the large multi-angle tiltable LCD is ideal for selfies and video bloggers the pop-up viewfinder is very helpful for shooting outdoors under bright light the pop-up flash is great for taking indoor photographs thanks to the large one-inch type sensor as a good dynamic range and deliver images of very high quality with nice colors a built-in nd filter can help shooting long exposures in daylight this is a very nice option if you find yourself near a waterfall or you want to empty a touristic spot from the crowd pro photographers will appreciate the fact the g5 x2 can shoot raw images at 30 frames per second and it comes with a pre-capture option the AF is fast and precise but it cannot track moving subjects during the burst shooting and battery life is below average.

2: Sony Cyber-Shot RX10 IV
RX10 IV is the most expensive camera on this list its price is well justified by the camera performances which will appeal to expert and pro photographers on the move the sony rx10 is a rather bulky dslr style bridge camera while not the lightest and most compact cameras on the list the rx10 packs a wonderful zoom lens covering the impressive range of 24 to 600 millimeters and it is bright too having an f 2.4 to 4 variable aperture optical stabilization is very effective combined with the fast aperture it makes it easier to get good images in low light conditions other interesting features are the hybrid af fast and precise the fast 14 frames per second burst shooting mode and raw image format on the connectivity side the camera includes nfc wifi and bluetooth these allow for the easy transfer of your images on a smartphone and to remotely control the camera with it the sony rx10 4 also records high quality 4k video the dedicated microphone jack port allows recording audio with an external microphone this makes this camera very attractive for vloggers due to its size handling experience is great very similar to that of classic dslr camera you will not find yourself battling with small buttons a welcome feature for travel photography is that the camera is weather sealed you can shoot in any conditions without worry.

3: Olympus Tough TG-6
The Olympus Tough TG-6 is the newest model in the olympus series of rugged cameras this camera is built for adventure it is small and lightweight and you can easily fit it in your pockets it is shock resistant from 2.1 meters crash proof to 100 kilograms dust proof and freeze proof to negative 10 degrees celsius and waterproof down to 15 mt the built-in optical stabilization ensures motion free photos and videos photo capabilities are good the 25 to 100 millimeter zoom lens is suitable for landscape photography while being able to close in and to isolate the subject from a wider scene at the widest end the aperture is a fast f2 which is great for low light conditions zoom in and the aperture narrows down quite fast until the value of f 4.9 at the telephoto end of the zoom despite the small sensor iso can be set up to 12 800 which helps in low light conditions images can be recorded as jpeg only but the camera offers many automatic modes these include a selectable underwater white balance mode live composite 9 artistic effects microscope modes and even focus stacking burst speed is good being up to 10 frames per second the tg6 offers wi-fi connectivity and includes gps compass manometer and temperature sensors this camera focuses on outdoor and adventure travels if you are into reportage and people there are far better compact cameras for travel options.

4 : Panasonic Lumix LX100 II
The Lumix LX100 II is a very attractive camera what sets it apart from the rest of the pocketable compact cameras in this list is its large micro four thirds sensor the trouble with big sensors is that you need big lenses to go with them panasonic has really hit the sweet spot with the lx102 in a compact body panasonic packed a micro four thirds sensor this is not much smaller than the aps-c sensors found in many dslr cameras and larger than the one-inch type sensors of the sony rx100 and company the multi-aspect micro four-thirds sensor allows you to shoot with three to four three to two and sixteen to nine aspect ratio without cropping the image thus without losing pixels the retractable lens has a modest three times zoom covering a rather narrow 24 to 75 millimeter focal range while this may force you to zoom with your feet the lens is very bright combine this with the large sensor size and it is not surprising if low light performances are excellent we also find a 4k video and photo quality raw format wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity a large three-inch touchscreen though fixed and the camera can be recharged via usb handling experience is very nice and the main controls are very easy to manipulate you can use the external shutter speed dial lens aperture ring and the aspect ratio switch.

5: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III
The em-10 mark iii is a latest improvement on the entry-level line of olympus om-d cameras the mirrorless camera is light and compact the micro four-thirds sensor allows the olympus to keep the lens size very small this makes the camera very portable ideal for travel and landscape photography image quality is excellent even with the usual 14 to 42 millimeter kit lens in time you can expand your equipment with more lenses to cover shorter and longer focal lengths the camera features an in-camera 5-axis image stabilization 4k ultra hd video tiltable touch screen with a touch to focus and touch to shoot function 15 art filters and different shooting modes continuous shooting speed is up to 8.6 frames per second the selectable af points are 121 and it has built-in pop-up flash and wi-fi connectivity instead of an optical viewfinder the em-10 has a very sharp and responsive 2.36 m dot oled electronic viewfinder the great plus of using a mirrorless micro four thirds camera compared to the classic dslr is that lenses are often more compact and lightweight they have to work with a sensor smaller than the classic aps-c and full-frame sensors employed in dslr pro and enthusiast lightweight travel photographers should consider combining this camera or any in the olympus om-d family with the olympus zico 12-100 f4 pro a great travel zoom [Applause] and as usual a bonus option sony cybershot rx100 three this model is a couple of years old but it still packs a punch it’s especially good if low light performances are for you more important than the reach of the zoom in fact the sony rx3 is the last model with a bright 24 to 70 f 1.8 to 2.8 zoom lens once again we find a large one-inch type sensor a pop-out electronic viewfinder and an articulated lcd screen in a pocketable body same as for the newest model.