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Definition of science and technology

Science and technology

Science: Science: It is a concept derived from the Latin term Scientia, which refers to knowledge and defines science as the body of knowledge that allows a person to access, learn, identify and benefit from it. in the areas that are assigned to it, and this is also called careful observation of the factors that surround the environment and the application of practical and realistic experiments in order to identify new facts or develop previously known information.

Technology: It’s a concept derived from the Greek term (Tekhnologia), which means the profession that is interested in studying something, and technology is defined as the set of practical and scientific methods that help to develop something, according to the means available. So like tools, equipment, and skills. It is also: the human capacity acquired by science, which contributes to innovation and the invention of new things that were not previously known, or which helps to obtain positive results for the benefit of people.

The relationship between science and technology

Although science and technology have different definitions of each other, there are some common links between them, so the modern information revolution has linked them significantly, as it helped trace from the sciences of discovery, to achieve technological development in various fields.

With the advancement of the chronology and the increase in the diffusion of scientific research, interested in all areas of life, it has managed to bring the concepts of science and technology closer together, until they are intertwined, and one of the closest examples is the development scientific in the field of mathematics, which contributed to the invention of the computer, as a means of mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with ease.

The role of technology is important in the development of the calculator, so it was based on the idea of ​​his work of arranging numbers, according to number sequences, applying mathematical equations, marked with l The emergence of the first ideas for the invention of a new aspect, part of which was based on the idea of ​​arithmetic numbers, and this aspect was the computer, which has become one of the most important electronic and technological devices in human life.

Scientific and technological achievements

There are several scientific and technological achievements that have contributed to the emergence of many positive developments, in several key and people-related areas, including:

Telecommunications: Information technology has contributed to the development of the telecommunications sector; Because of his pace with scientific inventions that provided various means of communication, and he was able to make people communicate easily with each other, so he began with the emergence of the telephone device, which developed into wireless, then with the use of a group of digital cells, it turned into a mobile phone, and so on until the emergence of smartphones, which enabled many activities to be carried out quickly.

Education: Technology has developed science, the means of learning and education, and has seen a dramatic change for the better. The idea of ​​a fixed place to receive lessons is no longer the only concept of education, but it has become possible to obtain science through the use of advanced technological means, in particular devices connected to the Internet. , which helped students and teachers to easily obtain course materials, without the need to commit to a specific location.

Health: The scientific and technological development of the health sector has enabled rapid and distinctive growth that has helped cure many diseases that required many means and tools to cure them. In the past, medicine was unable to treat most diseases that required delicate surgery, and the technological development of medical devices has helped to perform the appropriate surgery for the patient and protect him from it. exposure to danger.

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