How Do Muscles GROW!

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learning how the muscles grow is important for everybody whether you want to build more muscle or whether you just want to avoid withering away and an elderly person we often see elderly people withering away and struggling and yes aging is a real thing but you can definitely be elderly and still mobile and be able to move around

How do muscles grow?

the basic idea is that we go to the gym we use resistance so we use the weight to damage and tear down the muscle fibers we then intake protein and amino acids from the protein and achieve a calorie surplus so that we can recover we then go to sleep and that is when the body does it’s magic guys when the body recovers and films those muscles bigger and stronger now let’s go a little deeper I want to use the example of the bicep muscles let’s say you bend down to pick up a car tire a car tire is typically quite light and so the bicep would have no problem in picking that up it wouldn’t be much of a test for the bicep to pick that whole well now let’s say we try to pick a tire up that weighs as much as a human being at this point when we go to lift the weight the bicep simply wouldn’t be able to handle that way it’s not strong enough to handle that way and as a result it will call on all the muscle groups to help it out so now we’re trying to lift this bigger tire it will engage your glutes it will engage your back it will engage your shoulders every part of your body will be engaged to now try to lift this weight so to explain what happens muscles have loads of little fiber chains that contain proteins mussels have loads of fibers that make up the muscles when those fibers are damaged by having resistance placed on them such as moving the tire it causes little micro tears in those fibers not a full tear but this is technically damage to the muscle the body then repairs those fibers causing them to get bigger and stronger when you lift a heavy weight consistently such as in the gym or even lifting the tire up if he was doing that consistently you are teaching the body that more is required of it you’re teaching the muscle that more is required of it and that is current strength isn’t good enough if you’re interested in building bigger muscles then obviously we have to go to the gym and you have to make the muscle work more than it normally does

the biggest tip I can give you on building bigger muscle if that’s something you want to do is when you go to the gym just focus on your compound movement focus on the movements that are working for multiple muscle groups at only one time such as the benchpress the deadlift the squat these exercises and any compound exercise are what’s going to build the most muscle because it’s putting more workload on the muscle