The most beautiful beaches in the world

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Many people are keen to go during their vacation to the watery beaches in their country or to travel to countries that contain beaches near the seas and oceans. As these beaches are means that help people feel comfortable and provide them with many different types of sports, such as swimming and surfing; Therefore, visiting the beaches is one of the tourist destinations that many people around the world care about.

Most beautiful beaches in the world

There are many beautiful watery beaches in the countries of the world, and they constitute distinctive tourist attractions and sites that many individuals are interested in visiting during the summer season, and what follows information about the most beautiful beaches in the world:

Little Bay Beach

Little Bay Beach is one of the beaches in the overseas region of Britain, and it is located specifically within the Caribbean, and it is one of the beaches that are classified as remote; People can only go to it by using boats, and it is characterized by a high cliff that contributes to making it a tourist site visited by many tourists.

El Nido Beach

El Nido Beach is a beach located on the northern side of Palawan in the Philippines. The beach of El Nido contains a group of rocks and limestone and is characterized by an important ecosystem.

Etretat Beach

The beach of Etretat (French: Etretat) is located in the northwestern part of France, specifically within the French (Pays de Caux) region, and the beach forms a slope close to the water, and it is located near a tourist resort.

Cathedrals Beach

Cathedrals Beach (Spanish: As Catedrias), located in Spain, specifically in the Galacia region, and the beach of the cathedrals contains natural caves and several arches; Which led to the name of the Cathedrals Beach; Due to the formation of arches and caves the shape of a cathedral.

Tropea Beach

Tropea Beach (Italian: Tropea) is located in Italy, specifically in the city of Tropea. Where the city is distinguished by its fame as a tourist city and dedicated to the sport of swimming, and many tourists visit Tropea Beach annually; In order to see its unique view of the sand, and its clear blue waters.

Diaz Beach

Diaz Beach (English: Dias) is located within the Cape Point Reserve on the northern side of the continent of Africa, specifically in Cape Town, the capital of the State of South Africa, and Diaz Beach is considered one of the distinctive tourist beaches for relaxation and strolling within its natural cliff.

Maya bay Beach

The beach of Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi Leh is distinguished by that it has the longest name among the beaches around the world. Go to this beach using boats only, and it is about one hour away from the mainland area.

Anse Source D’Argent Beach

one of the beautiful beaches in the world, and it is located within Seychelles, specifically on the third island in terms of size, known as Ladij Island in the eastern side of the African continent, and the beach contains a group of granite rocks and sand with The pink color, as it is distinguished by its wild environment, which contains endangered birds.

Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Due to its distinctiveness in the pure water near the white sand, and it is possible to reach this beach by one means only by boat; As a result of cliffs made of stones, Navagio Beach is located in Greece.

Playa Medina

Playa Medina is one of the beaches characterized by the green nature scattered all over it, and it is spread by palm trees and white sand, and the city beach is located in the state of Venezuela.

Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica Beach is one of the beautiful beaches, and it is located in the United States of America, specifically in California, and is characterized by the brightness of sunlight on the ocean water most days and times of the year, and it contains soft white sand.

Whitehaven Beach

White Haven Beach is distinguished by its pure sand, and the beach is located in Australia, specifically within the grounds of White Sunday Island, and another feature of the beach is that it cannot be visited on foot, rather it is visited by people using boats, and in 2010 it was known as the beach friend Environment.

Clean Water beach

The beach of clean water is located in the United States, specifically in the state of Florida, and its beautiful white sand is spread over its land, and the shape of the beach is a bay surrounded by a marine line, and the sun shines on it during the summer, and it also provides the possibility of surfing, It includes a dolphinarium.

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach is one of the famous beaches in Brazil, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and the length of Ipanema Beach is about 2 km of water and white sand, and the beach is surrounded by a group of cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Bora Bora Beach

Bora Bora Beach is one of the beautiful beaches that contain wonderful sand, and it also provides tourists and visitors with the possibility to practice many types of adventures, such as skiing on seawater using a jet ski, and Bora Bora Beach is located in French Polynesia.

Radhangar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is located in India and is characterized by the beautiful scenery surrounding it, which is witnessed by tourists using boats, and it also provides a group of tourist camps.

Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach is one of the beaches of beautiful nature, and it is also considered an important tourist beach, and Flamenco Beach is located in Puerto Rico, which is part of the islands of the United States of America.