These are the 5 biggest workout mistakes to avoid

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Working out is just amazing but there are certain things we forget before working out that end up ruining the whole experience of exercise and may also end up injuring us or hurting us in some way

Mistake 1 :

The first and the most important thing that can ruin your workout experience is not having a defined training plan for the day or even the week an improper training plan or no training plan can put you off track in your fitness journey without a proper training plan you may just train below your desired capacity or you may just over train which may lead to injuries so it’s very important to create a detailed training plan highlighting what exercises need to be done on what days what will be the order of the exercises what will be the count of the reps and the sets and what will be the rest is for the weak or even the month once you’ve created the training plan you can alter it when you graduate to the next fitness level this will ensure that you see progress with your workouts

Mistake 2 :

The second mistake is very improper clothes for your workouts and not having the right workout there the first thing is your workout wear now make sure you’re wearing clothes that are comfortable yet stretchy and help in wicking away the sweat or taking the sweat away from the surface of your body in this case dry fit clothes work really well on the other hand cotton clothes are comfortable but they get wet while working out and stick to the skin this will lead to rashes in your armpits or even the groin area so you can choose private t-shirts dry fit shorts and even dry fit underwears now can dry fit underwears are a great option if you’re prone to rashes in the groin area or between your thighs now once you’ve chosen the workout wear it’s important to choose the right Footwear and other workout gear now look at it this way if you’re training indoors then it’s very important to choose a good exercise mat this is because mats protect your feet hips joint and spine from the hard surface of the floor secondly exercise mats will prevent you from slipping on the floor either due to the slippery nature of the floor or due to the sweat which falls on the floor while working out this will also ensure that your workout performance goes up and in case you’re exercising outdoors try and their training shoes with a proper cushion now the major difference between running shoes and training shoes is that of heel drop which is a difference between heel height and toe height in a suit now running shoes have a higher heel drop and training shoes have a lower heel drop for more efficient feet movement now we’re in the correct training shoes is again based on the same logic that hard surfaces joints or induced shock in your muscles while performing jumping exercises like jump squats or burpees

Mistake 3 :

The third mistake which we commit before a workout is not hydrating properly so it’s very important to hydrate ourselves at least one hour before the workout now the difference between thirst and hunger is that we generally don’t feel thirsty as a result dehydration sets in early why we are working out which essentially ruins the workout experience so it’s very important to hydrate ourselves well enough before the workout and you don’t require any sports drinks for that purpose simple clear water would do also make sure you don’t consume too much water or fluids just before a workout because it may lead to a condition called hyper hydration which is the exact opposite of dehydration so your body should be in a condition of you hydration which is the perfect balance of fluids in the body neither in deficit nor an excess also tried assess your body to see if you require water breaks in between your workout session if that is the case then carry a water bottle along with you if you’re working out outdoors and if you’re working out indoors then keep a water bottle handy

Mistake 4 :

The fourth mistake which we commit is eating before a workout now as per the search a full meal like breakfast or lunch should be completed two to three hours before the workout session if a good amount of gap is not maintained between the workout session and the meal it may just lead to indigestion or bloating but in case you want to have something just before a workout you should still try and maintain a gap of at least 45 minutes to 60 minutes between your pre-workout meal and your actual workout also try and eat more carbs in your pre-workout meal that ways will have more energy to do high-intensity workouts so, for example, I consume fruits like bananas and dry fruits like almonds and walnuts this gives me the desired energy to do the workouts and doesn’t cause indigestion or bloating

Mistake 5 :

The fifth and the biggest mistake which we commit before working out is doing no warm-up at all or doing the wrong kind of warm-up so it’s very important to understand that there are two things dynamic warm-up and static stretching now dynamic warm-up is done before a workout or pre-workout and static stretching is done both to workout dynamic warm-up includes all the motion exercises basically all the movements that mimic the actual workout for example arm rotations spot running walking lunges and leg swings dynamic warm-up increases the heart rate and the body temperature preparing you for the workout all the other hand static stretching includes all the stretching exercises where you hold the muscle in position for 15 to 30 seconds along gating it in the process to increase blood flow to the muscles this increased blood flow to the muscles decreases muscle soreness examples of static stretching include hamstring stretches quad stretches and Sep stretches as for a search static stretching should not be performed before a workout because it may reduce the strength and power of the muscles and may even lead to injuries this is because muscles should not be stretched when they are cold or when the blood circulation to the muscles is very low hence it is first recommended to warm the body up with dynamic warm up then perform the actual workout and when the body or muscles are all warm and worked up static stretching should be performed so always remember dynamic warm-up should be done before a workout not static stretching